Welcome to Unleashed Drum Studio. The mission of Unleashed Drum Studio is to help you Unleash the full potential of your songs with the highest quality custom drum tracks, production, and mixing, in person or from anywhere in the world, at the most competitive rates.

My name is Blake Paulson, I built and operate Unleashed Drum Studio. I have been drumming professionally since 1998, and writing/producing/mixing songs professionally since 2002. I have recorded over 500 songs in dozens of studios around the country. I’ve had the great honor of recording for big stars like Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, and Demi Lovato; top producers and songwriters like Aris Archontis, Chen Neeman, Drew Lawrence, Rob Kleiner, and Miklos Malek; and dozens of talented indie singers, songwriters, and producers. You can read my full Bio HERE

Unleashed Drum Studio offers major label quality, full multi-track drumset recording and song production/mixing services. I use the highest quality instruments, heads, microphones, tuning techniques, and mixing techniques to achieve a wide range of production tones that are second to none.

Please visit my other pages which outline the details of my services and feel free to contact me with any questions.


Don’t sell your songs short! There is no need to settle for anything less than real, custom drum tracks recorded just for you. In today’s highly competitive song market, drum loops, samples, and programmed tracks won’t cut it. Although helpful during the songwriting process, these tools simply cannot match the parts, grooves, energy, and tones of a custom recorded drum track for your new song.

Create the most meaningful songs and have the best chance for success by having me create a one of a kind, custom drum track for your next single, EP or full length CD.


What does online or remote drum recording mean? Unleashed Drum Studio is located in Los Angeles, CA, the heart of the modern music world. Online/remote recording is designed for singers, songwriters, and producers who don’t live in Los Angeles but want high-end, major label drums on their songs. In fact, I work with artists from all over the world.

How does it work? It’s surprisingly easy! Regardless of your location, you simply send me a song that you need drums recorded for. I record the drums for your song and send you back an MP3 for your approval. At that point you are able to make specific changes to the drum parts or request a full new take. When you are completely satisfied with the drum parts, I will send you a link to download your great sounding, full multitrack drum performance. The whole process usually takes less than 48-hours.

For more details, please visit the FAQ page HERE


If you live in Los Angeles or are visiting to create your music, Unleashed Drum Studio is a great alternative to a commercial studio. Through years of recording at the big studios and working closely with top engineers, I am able to achieve drum sounds that rival the very best commercial facilities. You can listen to samples HERE

The advantages Unleashed Drum Studio offers over a large commercial studio:

1) Consistently great drum tones. Each time you go to a commercial studio the results vary, regardless of how impressive their gear is. The actual quality of the drum tracks you leave with is unknown before the session. You can preview my sounds on this site; you know exactly what you are going to get before you book a session at Unleashed Drum Studio.

2) Save time. Commercial studios require a lot of setup time to get great drum tones. This is understandable because drumset is the most challenging instrument to record. I have two drumsets setup and mic’d at all times, fully dialed in and sounding great! At Unleashed Drum Studio you don’t waste setup time and you don’t pay for it.

3) Save money. When booking a commercial session you pay for the studio, the engineer, and the drummer. 1-hour of these three expenses is typical more money than you will pay to spend a full 3-hours at Unleashed Drum Studio completing your new song. You will save at least 50% over booking a commercial studio.


Unleashed Drum Studio is available to record my talented drumming students. When recording during their lessons, there is no charge for my recording services. There are many benefits of having drum lessons in a fully functioning recording studio; Unleashed Drum Studio offers a drumset learning environment that is second to none.

My students enjoy the ability to:

1) Record a groove, fill, or song and analyze their performance, much as professional athletes do with video analysis.

2) Record and film great sounding drum covers for YouTube or clips for Instagram.

3) Record the drum parts for their band’s new songs.

You can learn more about my drum lessons HERE

You can learn more about my drumset method books HERE


The quality of your production/mix will make or break your song. It’s hard to overstate how important a great mix is to the success of a song. A great production/mix is in tune with the song’s style, it amplifies the energy and emotion that the musicians/singer performed with, and most importantly, it creates the right vibe/feeling.


Through years of mixing experience and working closely with top engineers, I have developed proprietary mixing techniques, which produce my signature mixing style. The sound I create is often described as big, natural, and warm. I pride myself on a minimalist approach and using an “organic” method for mixing. Great music in… Great music out.

I work hard with each song I mix to create the perfect vibe while sounding natural and representing the musicians performances in the best light. Each song must have the right vibe and the right energy.

My mixing services are easy to use. You send me your cleaned up and edited final tracks, we discuss your vision for the song, I mix the song with my proprietary techniques, and then we fine tune the mix until you are happy. This process usually takes 1-2 weeks and I don’t put any limitations on revisions to your mix.

For more details, please visit the FAQ page HERE


Drum Mixing is an exclusive service I offer. It’s an intermediate step between your drum recording session and the final mixing of your song. It’s often best done before the other instruments have been recorded, thus allowing the musicians to play along with the best sounding drum tracks possible. Drumset mixing is helpful to any drummer looking to improve the sound of their performances for an original song, a YouTube video, a drum cover, etc. It helps producers and mix engineers get better takes from musicians and speeds up the final mixing process.

The ability to make a drum performance sound exciting and consistent without using any artificial samples/triggers, is what makes my drum mixing service unique and useful. Each drum and cymbal will be in phase, fully balanced,  and sound excellent. Your drums will sound so good that they can be used in a final mix without changes. However, since you get back processed individual tracks, you will be fully able to make changes. The process usually takes less than 48-hours and is included free with every drum session I do.


Playlist featuring videos of drum tones from Unleashed Drum Studio.

Playlist featuring videos recorded and mixed at Unleashed Drum Studio.

Playlist featuring other people’s videos that include my drumming.

Playlist featuring my videos from live performances.

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